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While other azole heterocycles are prevalent in a wide variety of bioactive natural products, the imidazole ring occurs frequently in the context of the natural amino acid histidine. Additionally, the imidazole ring occurs as a component of unnatural cyclic peptides and is used as an ester isostere in peptidomimetic studies. The applications of imidazole are not limited to the realm of peptides and peptidomimetics. Imidazoles are present in the large family of bromopyrrole-imidazole alkaloids isolated from marine sponges based on the common metabolite oroidin that feature significant biological activities. The imidazole ring also appears in the pilocarpine alkaloids, as well as potential therapeutic agents for thrombosis, cancer, and inflammatory diseases.
Catalog No.: AA0000UB
CAS No.:1000981-77-0 MDL No.: MFCD10699459
MF: C7H8N2O MW: 136.1512
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Catalog No.: AA0001UR
CAS No.:10041-06-2 MDL No.: MFCD00005282
MF: C11H10N2O MW: 186.2099
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Catalog No.: AA0001US
CAS No.:10041-04-0 MDL No.: MFCD18837508
MF: C9H8N2O MW: 160.1726
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Catalog No.: AA0001UU
CAS No.:10041-02-8 MDL No.: MFCD00005281
MF: C9H8N2O MW: 160.1726
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Catalog No.: AA0001UT
CAS No.:10041-03-9 MDL No.: MFCD19686220
MF: C9H8N2O MW: 160.1726
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Catalog No.: AA0001UX
CAS No.:10040-95-6 MDL No.: MFCD00060492
MF: C10H10N2O MW: 174.1992
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Catalog No.: AA0001YB
CAS No.:10045-58-6 MDL No.: MFCD00072670
MF: C4H6N2O3 MW: 130.1020
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Catalog No.: AA0001YF
CAS No.:10045-45-1 MDL No.: MFCD00005715
MF: C9H10N2O MW: 162.1885
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Catalog No.: AA000227
CAS No.:100495-98-5 MDL No.: MFCD00010979
MF: C12H17N3O9 MW: 347.2781
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